Weight Management

Woman loses 8 stone in just 18 months with lifestyle change - 'it has changed my life' - Daily Express

For Sylwia, losing weight was about transforming her mental health as well as her physical health. Now, the 44-year-old feels more confident and more like herself than ever before. “It’s not just about looks,” she said.

“I can’t recall the exact date I started to lose weight – when you’re so big you’re never ready for it.

“You need to have mindset of doing it.

“It has taken me around 18 months to drop 56kg.”

This is equivalent to eight stone. 

Sylwia stressed that her weight loss has “changed my life dramatically”.


Working at Studio Figura motivated Sylwia to start losing weight because she said she was “heavier than my clients were at one point”.

The businesswoman’s health was another huge motivator – both physical and mental. She said: “I saw my doctor and he said if I didn’t do anything to change I would end up in a wheelchair.

“I had also lost my confidence, being that big.

“I had lost confidence with my partner and confidence in my life.

As well as this, Sylwia used a roll shaper that massages your body and “detoxes” it.

Additionally, she changed her diet, saying: “Obviously, diet was very important to me, and I was also given medical help.

“It all helped.”

Now, Sylwia is the happiest she’s been in a while and feels “like a totally different woman”.

She said: “I was always happy, I was always smiling, but now I’ve got this confidence.

“And that confidence has helped me to build myself up in my business, and build myself up in my personal life too.

“It’s a dramatical change. You gain your energy, you gain your confidence.

“It’s about being happy and healthy.”

Sylwia added that she now has the energy to “walk up to the tenth floor”, whereas before she couldn’t get to the second floor.

“I can climb hills and mountains. Before it was hard, and now it’s easy.

“I run now too.”

As well as regular exercise, Sylwia watches what she eats, and although she doesn’t count calories, she is “trying to avoid carbs”.

The 44-year-old concluded: “Mentally, losing weight has helped me a lot.

“I was strong before, but now I’ve got double the strength.”