Cry for the beauty of Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in Spencer's poster

Photo: Neon and Topic Studios

Updated, August 25: Heaven, they also gave us a poster now. Aren't you just pissed off at the sight? A simple look at Kristen Stewart's back as Princess Diana on the poster for Pablo Larraín's upcoming Spencer makes us like there are plenty of roses tossing her prizes. In that dramatic, screen-filling pose and dress, Stewart-as-Spencer looks like she is dancing the white swan or dropping Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars. It looks like something that should be hung in a sturdy gold frame at the Rijksmuseum, but instead it will be hanging in your local cinema until the film releases on November 5th. We'd just like to watch this poster for its entire duration, but that's our thing.

Photo: Neon and Topic Studios

Pablo Larraín and Kristen Stewart took a look at The Crown and said, “The Ruderblazers sheep sweaters? It's cute. Anyway, here it is, ”another Twitter film equivalent to an atomic bomb dropped on March 25. The Chilean director behind Natalie Portman's much-loved film Jackie took on another historic fashion icon and another gorgeous and talented actress and used more gorgeous clothes and jewelry for her feature film Princess Diana, Spencer.

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K. Stew's new version of Neon as Diana, seen above, features the sapphire ring Prince Charles gave her on their bizarre engagement - a piece of jewelry (14 diamonds!) That's one most recognizable of the royal family. It's a nice contrast to the first photo below, which Neon already shared in January and finds Diana in the most expensive coat on this side of the inauguration, gazing intently behind a delicate black veil. This outfit alludes to both riding clothes and a sort of preventative mourning, when in reality the lady was just wearing a lot of veils. This outfit is particularly similar to the one the King wore for Christmas 1993, even though this movie is set two Christmases before. A summary in a new press release reads: “December 1991: The marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales has long since turned cold. Although business and divorce rumors abound, peace has returned to the Sandringham Estate for the Christmas celebrations. People eat and drink, shoot and hunt. Diana knows the game. This year will be very different. We love that last line. Christmas With the slogan Energie von Kranks. We welcome it.

Look Upon Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana and Weep