Weight Management

Discover 5 Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight!

If you've tried everything to lose weight and still can't, some of these small items to be listed may be out of the ideal fit in your routine and, because of them, no matter how small they seem, is that you no longer have the results that you want so much and strive to have. So how about meeting them?

1. You Are Doing Too Many Aerobics

Many people associate the practice of aerobic exercises with the loss of body weight and if in fact, they can be interconnected since they have the ability to release large amounts of energy from the body during their practice and increase, even if little, the EPOC (consumption of post-workout oxygen), which of course will give off energy.

However, aerobics can be a double-edged sword. If, on the one hand, they burn calories, on the other hand, large amounts of highly catabolic hormones are secreted during their performance. Among them, we can mention cortical and catecholamines (noradrenalin, adrenaline, etc). These hormones, despite being lipolytic (fat burning), are also catabolic to muscle mass.

2. You Are Neglecting the Consumption of Vegetables and Legumes

Vegetables and vegetables are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but they are also very important sources of dietary fiber for the body.

Vitamins and mineral salts are essential for the functioning of metabolism, given their functions as enzymatic cofactors and various reactions.

On the other hand, dietary fibers, soluble or insoluble, are also fundamental in intestinal transit, in the control of postprandial glycerin, and, mainly, in the control of satiety. Yes, you will feel less hungry by eating more vegetables simply because your stomach will be occupied in large quantities, causing a stretching of the gastric wall and also because these foods have slower digestion and also delay the digestion of other foods.

3. Your Training Is Sub Maximal

There are people who go to the gym and look like they're joking! Now! If it's to play, PLAY SERIOUSLY!!!

Without a doubt, training is essential for weight loss. But many people train without a will, train without vigor, and don't do their best. This results in nothing more than a waste of time! This is what we call sub maximal training (ie below your maximum).

If your body doesn't have enough stimuli to progress or to be stimulated to progress, how do you expect to have any kind of evolution? This is theoretically impossible.

To train seriously is to give your maximum in each set, in each repetition. If you just go, do an X of reps with a light load and keep talking to your friend or that person you don't even know and who wants to train seriously, it's better to STAY HOME!

A lot of people don't like weight training per se, and there's nothing wrong with it. However, they must adhere to physical practices which can bring benefits and at the same time, can have a playful and pleasurable character. This way, they will certainly be able to feel motivated to always seek to improve and never leave the sport aside.

4. You're Only Caring About the Scale

A big mistake in slimming is to care only about the scales. Although it is a useful tool in some cases, it does not represent whether you are having good results or not.

In fact, it only measures its mass under certain gravity. But, this mass is total (muscles, bones, body fat, organs, etc). However, when we talk about weight loss, we talk about body fat loss and it is undeniable that it is necessary for the individual to lose it and not other tissues in his body.

So, when you always want to reduce weight but still don't see results, the answer to that is that you are no longer losing fat, but muscle mass, for example. So, you even see the weight reduce, but you don't see changes in the mirror. It starts to reduce calories more and more, restricting the diet more and more in exchange for only often making the situation even worse.

So, if you want to have a good idea of ​​how effective your weight loss is or not, start doing physical evaluations to check your body fat amount and, above all, use the mirror as a better guide, after all, when we look for a good body, we don't want to know if he is 70kg, 80kg or 100kg, but if he is looking handsome or not.

5. You Are Always Using the Same Aerobic Methods

Aerobic exercises, as mentioned earlier, can be important allies in weight loss. Logically, as supporting actors, we cannot disregard them in many cases.

However, if you change your bodybuilding training from time to time, precisely because your body has adapted to those stimuli and is no longer making progress, why not do the same with aerobic training? As well as resistance training with weights (weight training), the body tends to adapt to certain stimuli and with that, it does not progress anymore.

Suppose, for example, you run 5km a day in 60 minutes. So, after a week of doing this, you will see greater ease. So, that's exactly where you have to act and try, for example, to do the same 5km in 55 minutes. Or even, running in those same 60 minutes 6km…