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SIREN Living Nutritional Products Dedicated to Women’s Health

October 21, 2021 13:57 ET | Source: SIREN Living

PALM BEACH, FL, Oct. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An overwhelming majority of American female consumers are searching for high-quality dietary supplements.

Earlier this year, the CDC reported that almost 64 percent of adult women had taken dietary supplements in the past 30 days.  Another survey by the Council for Responsible Nutrition in 2019 found that women outpaced men who take dietary supplements.

Although 74 percent of U.S. adult males in the 2019 survey use nutritional supplements, 79 percent of female adults believe in the power of dietary supplements.

“Women are especially concerned about their health. They are searching for dietary supplements that provide them with added protection,” said Steven Robinson, CEO and co-founder of JDS Wholesale Ltd., a health and wellness company based in the United Kingdom. “Surveys after surveys show that women use dietary supplements to protect their health.”

SIREN Living dietary supplements, which were developed for women by women, will soon be available in the U.S., including:

  • SIREN: Vitality Wellness, which is a vegan-approved, all-natural dietary supplement that balances hormone levels, provides natural hormone support, and helps reduce fatigue.
  • SIREN: Hair, Skin Nails, which contributes to firmer, more youthful-looking skin, is fortified with amino acids, collagen, biotin, and zinc. This supplement aids stronger, glossier hair, and longer, more enviable nails.
  • SIREN: Summer Skin Plus, which provides a summer tan with minimal sun exposure, contains copper for normal skin pigmentation, vitamin C, iron, riboflavin, and selenium. This supplement boosts your body’s natural ability to tan.

SIREN Living co-founder, Jane Culbertson, developed SIREN Living products because she realized that existing products on the market didn’t meet the needs of women.

“We are filling a void in the marketplace, which is why we are working to reach female consumers in the United States who could benefit from our dietary supplements,” Culbertson said. “All women, including mothers who are chasing their children around every day and women who have careers, should try our Vitality Wellness supplement, which provides natural hormone support and helps reduce fatigue.”

SIREN products are gluten-free and contain 100 percent natural ingredients. SIREN: Vitality and Wellness is vegan, while SIREN: Summer Skin Plus is vegetarian-friendly.

Culbertson said SIREN is hoping American consumers love their products just as much as women in the UK. Here is what two consumers said in 2021 about SIREN Living supplements::

  • “I have been using Siren for just over a week now and want to share something...I am in early menopause and my joints ache! Especially my right elbow and knuckles! Since using SIREN, the pain has reduced by about 80 percent. [I am] very happy about this!”

Nicola, 2021

  • “I have been taking SIREN living HSN tablets for a couple of weeks and I can see an improvement. Nails filed and there doesn't seem to be any flaking. Definitely working!”

 Lindsay, 2021

“We are always pleased when we get positive feedback from our female customers, who are using our supplements,” Culbertson said. “Helping women is why we are here.”

JDS Wholesale Ltd. also plans to introduce to American consumers its Man Plus product line, which includes Man Plus Health and Vitality, Man Plus Summer Skin Plus, and Man Plus Hair, Skin Nails.

For more information about SIREN Living products, visit A website for MAN Plus products will be live soon.

  • SIREN Living Dietary Supplements for Women Coming Soon
  • Supplements Just for Women Will Soon Be Available

SIREN Living Dietary Supplements for Women Coming Soon SIREN Living Dietary Supplements for Women Coming Soon SIREN Living dietary supplements that will soon be available in the U.S. include: 1) SIREN: Vitality... Supplements Just for Women Will Soon Be Available Supplements Just for Women Will Soon Be Available SIREN Living dietary supplements were developed specifically to meet the health needs of women.

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